Young emerging jazz artist, Darynn Dean loves jazz, but her love does not come without challenges; specifically regarding gender in jazz. Invited to the proverbial party, Darynn wonders if the boys-in-the band have a no-girls policy. The camera puts us front-and-center as Darynn digs to find the answer to the question, “Where is her-story in jazz?”. Engaging in vivid dialog with peers, educators, and award-winning jazz artists Jason Moran and Terri Lyne Carrington, she discusses obstacles and the hope-yet to come. Inspired by bell hooks’s book, All About Love: New Visions, which embraces freedom, inclusion, and universal love, Darynn commits herself to action by assembling the first ever “All-Women Cross Big Band” between the New England Conservatory of Music and Berklee College of Music.




-Jason Moran, Pianist

“Talented young up-and-coming Jazz vocalist, Darynn Dean, is becoming a much-needed leader, producer and voice in our Jazz community.”

-Jose Rizo, 88.1 KJazz DJ


|Director's Bio|

Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Darynn Dean grew up in a musical jazz family. After being bitten by the bug, she formally embarked on her studies and, in May of 2019, graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music earning a B.M. in Vocal Jazz Performance and Minoring in Cultural Studies. Her original films “Food Access in Dudley Square” (2016) and “All About Love: Jazz + Gender” (2019) were created in conjunction with her Capstone Project and address many prominent social issues in today’s changing political climate. Darynn is inspired both on and off stage by life, music, politics, and the rich African diaspora.





NEC + Berklee All Women’s Big Band

Conductor - Evan Wright Arrangements - Evan Wright, Darynn Dean, Daniel Hersog

Miranda Agnew Trumpet 1

Akili Bradley Trumpet 2

Devina Boughton Trumpet 3

Eliza Block Trumpet 4

Robyn Smith Trombone 1

Keira Harman Trombone 2

Skye Dearborne Trombone 3

Amanda Frisch Trombone 3

Romarna Campbell Drums

Anna Abondolo Bass

Eunike Tanzil Piano

Lihi Haruvi Alto Sax/Soprano Sax

Sam Spears Alto Sax

Gaia Wilmir Baritone Sax

Claudia Quispe Tenor 1

Stephanie Munoz Tenor 2


Jason Moran

Terri Lyne Carrington



Marcelo Perez , Evan Wright, Andrew Bedard ,Michael Sabin Shane Dylan, Dan Hirsch , Kebra Charles, Tyler Bonilla, Sam Margolis, Robbie Pate, Rahul Carlberg 

Eliza Block ,Romarna Campbell, Robyn Smith , Johanna Gordon, Anna Abondolo, Heather Milberger, Cordelia Tapping, Grace Ward

Kayla Schwartz, Naledi Masilo


Robyn Smith, Romarna Campbell, Keira Hartman, Honor Hickman, Naledi Masilo, James Dale, Avery Logan



Darynn Dean - Producer/writer

Peter Leng Xiong - Camera/DP/Editor

Lou “Buster” Brown - Producer/Editor

Donald A. Dean - Producer/Mgmt.

Peter Vode & Chas Morgan - Recital live sound & Recording engineers

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The Resolution Tour 2020

Wednesday, March 4th 2020 6 PM

New England Conservatory of Music 

Eben Jordan Ensemble Room

Free Open to Public


2019 Screenings

Dick Clark Production Screening Room, Los Angeles California (August 17th 2019)

New England Conservatory Capstone Presentation, Boston Massachusetts (May 7th 2019)



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